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Fettercairn 40 Year Old

Tasting Notes

40 Years Old Fettercairn

Colour : Dark and mysterious. Intense mahogany and cherry wood.

Nose: Bold, powerful and majestic yet smooth and seductive. Classic nuances of finesse and elegance are the central characteristics of this rare beauty which has lain, undisturbed in our dark damp Number 2 warehouse at our Fettercairn Distillery. For 40 long years the staves of our Apostoles sherry butts from the noble Sherry House of Gonzalez Byass in Spain have bound and nurtured this pure liquid gold. Thick chunky orange rind, cinnamon and spice coupled with further pleasing aromas of crushed almonds, ginger and bitter chocolate completes this bounty of pleasure.

Taste: Sip and savour this old master and give it all the respect it richly deserves but give it time – never hurry it. Only by holding it long in the mouth will it start to reveal its true identity, its inner world – it’s very soul. Never forget 1969 when Man was taking his first steps on the moon this noble spirit had just been distilled. Now after 40 years with its outstanding quality you will quickly find you are in Heaven. Full intense but at the same time proud, eminent and distinguished; the long years in Sherry wood have moulded this noble Highland malt into one of Scotland’s rarest masterpieces. Therefore to enjoy a piece of history, take a generous mouthful and allow this silky nectar to drift over your tongue. Chocolate soufflé, Seville oranges, hints of crème brulee and marzipan richly reward your palate before a final barrage of caramelised raisins, hazelnuts and soft liquorice brings this symphony of unsurpassed satisfaction to a memorable end.

It takes 40 long years to produce……………..yet only a matter of seconds to recognise its quality!

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