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Tormore was built in 1958 for Long John Distillers. It was the first new malt whisky distillery to be built in the Highlands in the 20th century. It was designed by Sir Arthur Richardson and architecturally it is one of the most elegant distilleries you will ever see, so much so it is already a listed building. In 1975, Long John came under the control of Whitbread & Co, and then Allied Distillers Ltd acquired the distillery. Today Tormore distillery is under control of Pernod-Ricard since they took over Allied Domecq in 2005.

Distillery: Tormore
Region: Speyside
Established: 1958
Status: Active
Proprietor: Pernod Ricard (Chivas Brothers)
Stills: 4 wash stills, 4 spirit stills
Capacity: 3,600,000 litres of alcohol per year
Water Source: Achvochkie Bur

Open To Visitors: No

Contact: Tormore Distillery
Grantown-on Spey
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