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Rosebank distillery was built in 1798 by the Stark brothers. The present buildings were built by James Rankine in 1840 after demolishing the previous site. The distillery sits on the bank of the Forth-Clyde canal, which it once used for transporting materials to and from the distillery. Opposite Rosebank sat the Camelon distillery, which James Rankine bought and demolished in 1865, although he kept the maltings. From the moment the road networks built up, the canals were used less and the location turned in liability, as the road to the distillery was small and could not handle the traffic. Rosebank was closed in 1993. The buildings were bought by a development company in 2002 and converted into offices, flats and a restaurant.

Distillery: Rosebank
Region: Lowland
Established: 1840
Status: Closed (1993)
Proprietor: British Waterway Board
Stills: 1 wash still, 2 spirit stills
Water Source: Carron Valley Reservoir

Contact: Camelon Road

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