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Glenury Royal distillery was founded in 1825 in Stonehaven. The founder was one Robert Barclay-Allardice, an MP and the Laird of Ury at that time. Captain Barclay-Allardice was also the first man to walk 1000 miles in 1000 consecutive hours giving him a place in the Scottish Sports Hall of Fame. His contact in Parliament, a Mr Windsor allowed access to King George IV who granted him permission to use ‘Royal’ in Glenury’s name. The distillery was largely rebuilt in the 1960’s and the stills were increased from two to four. United Distillers sold off Glenury to a development company in 1992 and most of the old buildings were demolished and remaining ones converted into flats.

Distillery: Glenury Royal
Region: Highland
Established: 1825
Status: Demolished (1993)
Proprietor: Diageo / United Distillers (until 1992)
Stills: 2 wash stills, 2 spirit stills
Capacity: unknown
Water Source: River Cowie

Open To Visitors: No

Contact: Glenury Royal Distillery
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