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Ardmore is one of the most heavily peated malts in the Eastern Highlands region, there peating level is 12 to 14 parts per million and our capacity, which we operate at, is 5.1 Mola. Almost all production goes to blended whisky especially Teacher's Highland Cream. Since its inception, Ardmore has been the malt, which produces the special character of Teacher’s. The distillery was built by William Teacher in 1898 and lies on the main Aberdeen to Inverness railway line at Kennethmont. The main purpose of the distillery was to provide malt for the Teacher’s blend, which it still does today. Only a few official bottlings have been released, one of which was to commemorate the distillery’s 100th anniversary in 1999. Some does get bottled as a single malt by independent bottlers.

As we are based quite close to the Ardmore distillery we are ideally placed to locate some when it does become available. We currently hold Ardmore 1991 Cask Strength, Ardmore 25 Year Old, Ardmore Traditional and Teacher's Highland Cream Blend. All are available to purchase below.

Distillery: Ardmore
Region: (Eastern) Highland
Established: 1898
Status: ACTIVE
Proprietor: Fortune Brands (Beam Global UK Ltd)
Stills: 4 wash stills, 4 spirit stills
Capacity: 5,100,000 litres of alcohol per year
Open To Visitors: Not open to visitors

Contact: Ardmore Distillery

Water Source: Knockandy Hill springs

Ardmore Legacy 40% 70cl

Ardmore Legacy 40% 70cl

£25.00 ex VAT
£30.00 inc VAT
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