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Talisker was built by Hugh and Kenneth MacAskill in 1830 and is the only distillery on the island of Skye. It is situated in the village of Carbost, on the rocky shores of Loch Harport. The construction was met by fiery protest from the local minister, the Rev. Roderick Macleod who proclaimed this “one of the greatest curses that… could befall it or any other place”. The distillery was destroyed by a fire in 1960 after a valve on the spirit still was accidentally left open and spirit spilled out on to the stills coal fire. It was carefully rebuilt in 1962 around exact copies of the old stills. There were further renovations in 1998. Robert Louis Stevenson was an admirer of the Talisker scotch and he commented on it favourably as “the King o’ Drinks” in one of his poems.
Talisker whisky, or whiskey if you prefer, is available in a selection of ages and bottlings including Tactical 10 Year Old (1990) Old Malt Cask, Talisker 10 Year Old, Talisker 13 Year Old (1999) Distillers, Talisker 15 YO 1994 Managers Choice, Talisker 18 year old, Talisker 30 year old, Talisker 57 north and the Talisker and Cragganmore Gift Pack.

Distillery: Talisker
Region: Island (Skye)
Established: 1830
Status: Active
Proprietor: Diageo
Stills: 2 wash stills, 3 spirit stills
Capacity: 1,900,000 litres of alcohol per year.
Water Source: Burn on the slopes of Cnoc Nan Speireag

Open To Visitors: January-Easter; Mon-Fri 14:00-17:00
Easter-October; Mon-Sat 09:30-17:00
November-December; Mon-Fri 14:00-17:00
Facilities: Visitor Centre, Shop, Tasting Rooms, Moorings available for visiting yachts

Contact : Talisker Distillery
Isle of Skye

Talisker Port Ruighe 45.8%

Talisker Port Ruighe 45.8%

£42.49 ex VAT
£50.99 inc VAT
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