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Alexander Kerr Mackay founded the distillery in 1825. It is situated on the South Shore of Islay. In 1833, John Ramsay takes over the distillery. He is highly instrumental in the development of the first spirit safe. The distillery was mothballed in 1983 and closed permanently in 1987. The distillery is mainly attributed with supplying the rest of the Islay with malt. In 2003, the modern parts of the distillery were demolished, but the original kilns have been preserved. This whisky is becoming highly sought after, as stocks are diminishing quickly. Despite its rarity we are delighted to hold stock of Port Ellen 1982 Connoisseurs Choice and Port Ellen 27 Year Old (1983) Rarest of the Rare Cask 672.

Distillery: Port Ellen
Region: Islay
Established: 1825
Status: Closed (1983)
Proprietor: Diageo
Stills: 2 wash stills, 2 spirit stills
Capacity: unknown
Water Source: Leorin Lochs

Open To Visitors: No

Contact: Port Ellen Distillery
Port Ellen
Isle of Islay
PA42 7AH
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