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Kinclaith was built in 1957 on the site of the Strathclyde grain distillery. It was founded by Seager Evans, a subsidiary of the American company Schenly, and was the last malt distillery to be built in Glasgow. The bulk of the produce went into the Long John blend, although some went to independent bottlers, and in 1971 Seager Evans changed its name to Long John International. Long John was sold to Whitbread & Co in 1975, and Kinclaith was closed down and demolished. This is a very rare whisky and highly sought after by collectors.

Distillery: Kinclaith
Region: Lowland
Established: 1957
Status: Dismantled (1975)
Proprietor: Allied Domecq (Pernod Ricard)
Stills: 1 wash still, 1 spirit still
Capacity: unknown
Water Source: Loch Katrine

Contact: Strathclyde Distillery
40 Moffat Street
G5 0QB

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