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Glengyle was the first distillery in the new millennium and the first to open in Campbeltown for 125 years, though its heritage is old. It was founded by William Mitchell in 1872. Mitchell had previously owned Springbank with his brother John but a quarrel sent them their separate ways. John stayed at Springbank and William founded Glengyle. Nearly 80 years after Glengyle had closed Hedley Wright, the owner of Springbank and great great nephew of William Mitchell, founded Mitchell’s Glengyle Ltd, acquired the run-down buildings and embarked on a painstaking renovation. Stills were bought from the closed Ben Wyvis distillery in 2002 and rebuilt to fulfil the needs of Glengyle. A left over malt mill from Craigellachie’s expansion was purchased and installed at Glengyle. The new Glengyle was finally inaugurated on the 25th of March 2004. The name of the whisky will be Kilkerran as Glengyle was already in use by a vatted Highland malt and the name could not be taken over.

Distillery: Glengyle
Region: Campbeltown
Established: 2004
Status: Active
Proprietor: Mitchell’s Glengyle Ltd
Stills: 1 was still, 1 spirit still
Capacity: 750,000 litres
Water Source: Crosshills Loch

Open To Visitors: Tours by appointment only

Contact : Glengyle Distillery
85 Longrow
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