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Glen Mhor (pronounced Glen Vawr) was built in 1892 by John Birnie, who was also manager of Glen Albyn at that time. Glen Albyn and Glen Mhor were “twinned” although Glen Albyn was over 50 years older but the overall consensus was the Glen Mhor produced the better whisky. Its quality of whisky won over many fans including Neil Gunn, the famous author who was stationed there as an excise man in the 1920’s. He wrote the book Whisky and Scotland in the 1930’s and about Glen Mhor he proclaimed ‘until a man has had the luck to chance upon a perfectly matured malt he does not really know what whisky is”. Glen Mhor was demolished along with Glen Albyn in 1983 when United Distillers wound up so many of there small distilleries.

Distillery: Glen Mhor
Region: Highland
Established: 1892
Status: Demolished (1986)
Proprietor: Diageo / DCL / UDV
Stills: 1 wash still, 1 spirit still
Capacity: unknown
Water Source: River Ness

Contact: Glen Mhor Distillery
Telford Street
Muirtown, Inverness

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