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Peter Mackie and Alexander Edwards of the Craigellachie-Glenlivet Distillery Company built Craigellachie in 1891. White Horse Distillers, famous for the White Horse Blend became owners in 1924 and then DCL in 1927 after buying out White Horse. The distillery went under a refurbishment in 1964, where a new still house was built and two new stills were added. Craigellachie changed ownership in 1998 after UDV sold John Dewar & Sons to Bacardi Martini. Bacardi have since released a 14 year old and 21 year old cask strength. The distillery sits in the town in which it is named after; it shares the scenery with Thomas Telford’s single-span iron bridge from 1814 and the famous Craigellachie Hotel.

Distillery: Craigellachie
Region: Speyside
Established: 1891
Status: Active
Proprietor: Bacardi (John Dewar & Sons)
Stills: 2 wash stills, 2 spirit stills
Capacity: 2,700,000 litres of alcohol per year
Open To Visitors: No

Contact: Craigellachie Distillery
Water Source: Spring on Conval Hill

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